First Choice Infant Car Seat

First Choice Model 3604098

Attention Evenflo First Choice model 3604098 Infant Car Seat Owners

If you have an Evenflo First Choice, model number 3604098, manufactured between January 16, 2009 and September 29, 2009, contact Evenflo for a free set of labels. Due to a manufacturing error, a small number of First Choice infant car seats were shipped without an informational label applied to the seat. The model number and date of manufacture can be found by turning the seat upside down and examining the white label on the bottom of the seat. Please contact Evenflo at 800-233-5921 for a set of labels. You may continue to use your First Choice until your new labels arrive. The responsibility for this action rests solely with Evenflo, so please do not return the seat to your local retailer or distributor.